Glofish: Are Genetically Engineered Pets The Wave Of The Future?

There was a time when all living things in heaven and earth were created by the hand of God, or a product of evolution, depending on you philosophical belief. That time is now gone, never to return. The creation of biogenetically engineered animals is becoming more and more common place. To date over 660 patents have been issued for genetically manipulated animals in United States alone and the number is increasing every year.

There was no such thing as a glofish just a little over a decade ago. And just why would anyone want to make a fish glow in the first place? Believe it or not, the answer was not to strike it rich because every aquarium owner on the planet will feel the need to rush out and buy one. The Glofish was created to answer a higher calling. For Dr. Zhiyuan Gong and his colleagues at the National University of Singapore (NSU) the goal was quite simple, and perhaps even noble. The idea was to genetically engineer a fish that would glow when it came into contact with environmental toxins in any inland freshwater ecosystem. A fish that detects and by default identifies the manufacturing facilities and corporations that are poisoning our planet’s most valuable resource, how cool is that?

So exactly what is involved in creating a species that is biologically designed to help save the planet? The logical first step is to engineer a fish that glows to begin with. Once you have a fish that glows then you can set about tackling the issue of selective bioluminescence.

Among the many decisions faced by the geneticists was which fish should be chosen as the most likely candidate. The team decided on a small minnow variety, the Brachydanio reri. These fish are more commonly known as zebra danio or zebrafish throughout most of the world. Although indigenous to India, zebrafish are raised on fish farms for export in Singapore. A commercially raised fish means readily accessible eggs. This may or may not have been a determining factor in their selection.

With the selection process complete it was now time to initiate phase one of the process of creating the world’s fist aquatic toxic avenger. The genetics team integrated a bioluminescent gene found in crystal jellyfish known as GFP (Green Flourescent Protein) into a fertilized zebrafish egg and allowed it to gestate. The introduction of this gene into the embryo’s genome produced fluorescent green zebrafish. Experimentation with a variation of GFP resulted in yellow fluorescing fish. RFP (Red Flourescent Protein) found in certain species of sea coral added yet another twist in the spectrum of what was soon to be called Glofish.

The creation of the world’s first florescent fish was bound to draw some attention. It did not take long for news of NUS’s success to reach the desks of entrepreneurs Alan Blake and Richard Crockett. They wasted no time in sewing up exclusive worldwide rights for the sell of Glofish. Yorktown Technologies of Austin, Texas then went to work commercially raising Glofish for the thriving aquarium trade industry. Fortunately for Blake and Crockett, fish farms for the production of zebra danios had been in existence in the southern parts of United States since as early as the 30s. It was not much of a leap to raise a species that is only a single gene removed.

Exactly what happens when corporate entities start announcing their intentions to unleash bioengineered transgenic organisms upon an unwary planet? Is this just an ultra-cool novelty item predestined to become a favorite among aquarium owners around the world? Or are we in fact letting a bioengineered genie escape from the bottle never to be returned? Once you allow the sell of a single transgenic organism on the open market the precedent has been set. Glofish could just as easily be construed as Frankenfish as they could be perceived as harmless new variety of aquarium fish. Many nations had already foreseen the eventual marketing of biologically manipulated organisms and had enacted legislation to prevent such an “atrocity” from ever happening. Those that did not took swift and decisive action. Even before Golfish were available for sale they were banned in Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada and California despite over two years of extensive ecological risk assessment studies preformed by Yorktown Technologies.

From an ecological standpoint, this is not simply a matter of genetic engineering. The southern platyfish, a native of Central America, is wreaking havoc in Hong Kong’s freshwater ecosystems because of aquarium trade related releases into the wild. Its genetic cousin, the swordtail (Xiphophorus helleri) is endemic to both North and South America. Swordtails prefer the swift moving water and heavy vegetation of tropical rivers and streams but can make themselves right at home in creeks and canals. Consequently, they can adapt to a multitude of freshwater ecosystems. The swordtail’s prolific breeding has wreaked havoc on previously uninhabited ecosystems. Feral populations are significant in both Africa and Australia. This nuisance species has caused serious ecological damage on two continents. It is for this very reason that the sell of piranhas is illegal in most of the United States. If a seemingly harmless species such as swordtails and platyfish can inflict such damage on pre-established ecosystem one doesn’t even want to consider what would happen if one of the most fearsome predators on the face of the planet was suddenly introduced at the top of the food chain. Point of fact: The sell and ownership of piranhas was legal in the U.S. until piranha specimens were discovered in the wild most likely after their intentional release because they had outgrown their fish tanks.

Do Glofish pose a threat? The end of World War II marked beginning of an explosion in the aquarium trade industry. There is only a single gene separating Glofish from their natural counterpart, zebra danio. Over 200 million of these fish have been imported and sold in the U.S. alone over the past half century. Zebrafish are incapable of surviving the temperate water conditions in all but the most southern states. To date, there has not been a single report of an established reproducing population in the wild anywhere in the United States.

A lot has happened since Glofish first hit the market in 2003. In the name of progress scientists have created fluorescing pigs, rabbits, dogs and cats. I’m not sure how I would react if I suddenly realized that my daughter’s cat just gave birth to a litter of kittens that glowed under a black light. Although I’m willing to bet that she would think it was the coolest thing since Sponge Bob Square Pants. Fish, on the other hand, can not impregnate an entire neighborhood if left to prowl freely. If the zebra danio was adaptable enough to become one of the ever growing number of nuisance species as a result of their global exportation they would already be on the list. While the sale of a genetically altered fish simply because they look prettier than their “natural” counterparts may be ethically questionable, they are strikingly beautiful fish. It almost begs the question, “How many times have you upgraded a cell phone in perfect working order simply because the new model looked cooler, was more compact, or everyone in the office had a newer model than yours?”

Exotic Small Pet Care

People may own a many different types of pet in their house. Buy very few of them are aware of their pet health. Some of they know but don’t get the enough time to look after them as they all are working and cant spend their much time with taking care of their pet.

Numbers of online sites there which provides you all the detail information regarding all the different types of pet health. One can refer it and get all the information and precaution to be taken for their pet to keep them healthier and happy which will keep your house atmosphere happier.

Small animals make a super pet because they are so much fun, generally playful and like to play can be so loveable. Small pet are not always the same however, some of them calmer and easier for a small child to hold in their hands. while some others are frisky and take more attention.

The housing and feeding requirements are unique to each animal, just as each animal is unique. Small animals should be fed and watered everyday. Their feeding requirements vary depending on the pet. Each pet has their own food mix and that is what they should be fed.

Be sure to pick a small animal that you feel will fit you. If you know a small animal’s characteristic, you can get the pet that is right for you. Take a little time to find out before you buy

Anna Josephs is a freelance journalist having experience of many years writing articles and news releases on various topics such as pet health, automobile and social issues. She also has great interest in poetry and paintings, hence she likes to write on these subjects as well. Currently writing for this website Pet Health .

How To Raise Goats – 4 Simple Tips To Start

The practice of raising goats these days seems to be quite en vogue. Many people are trying their hand with raising these animals either as a commercial venture or simply as a way of introducing a new pet into the family. Needless to say, there is a huge difference between raising goats for profit and giving adopting a pet for your home. However, this article will try to cover some of the basic essentials on how to raise goats successfully.

How to raise goats tip #1:

Try to get the breed of goats that will suit your needs. Farming goats could mean: raising goats for meat, for fiber or for milk. It could also mean that you want to adopt one or more as pets. If you are choosing the former, try to choose goats that are suitable for meat or wool or milk production. If you are choosing the latter, try to choose the more docile breeds like the Pygmy, Anglo-Nubian or South African Boer goats.

How to raise goats tip #2:

One thing you have to remember about goats is that these are herd animals; and that means that they are happiest when they share spaces with other goats, or even other farm or home animals. Having two goats as pets may seem too much on the onset; so you might want to compensate by introducing the animal at a very young age to your other pets (sometimes they bond well with the horses or dogs); or you could simply spend more time with the animal.

How to raise goats tip #3:

Goats are very active animals. They prefer to cover long distances when grazing, and they can be especially playful and lively during the later part of the day. Aside from providing them ample grazing areas, you might also want to provide them non-toxic toys like balls, boulders or tires. A goat that is not mentally stimulated or one that is cooped up in a small living space can become destructive and more prone to hurt itself or other around it.

How to raise goats tip #4:

Provide your animals proper housing with separate beddings and feeding / watering stations. Keeping them in a barn and throwing them feeds every few hours will simply not do at all. This might make your goats susceptible to diseases and other illnesses. Keep their bedding areas free from anything that the goats should not be eating (and that includes their droppings,) and allow them adequate space to move about inside. As a rule, one goat would need about 4 meters of floor space.

Dog Flaps Advantages And Disadvantages

Are you tired from assisting your dog that has been barking endlessly for you to open the door for him? This is one common problem for pet owners. It’s one reason why pet doors were made.

Pet doors give access to your dog. They can be easily installed to your wall, panel or doors. One version of a pet door is the dog flaps.

A dog flap is a great way of giving independence and security to your dog. It can be easily fitted to your wall, panel or door.

Although dog flaps can provide several advantages to pet owners and their pet dogs, several disadvantages have also arises. These disadvantages have been addressed with different types of pet flaps made through the years.

A dog flap is a small door that is big enough for your pet dog. These manual dog doors are made of basic metal or plastic flap that can be installed in a wall or a door.

Flexible types of flaps are made of plexiglass and other clear hard plastic. They require a separate panel that slides down to secure the doorway. It is also heavy which will require your pet extra effort to push the flap.

There are different types of dog flaps. The basic one can give access to your dog whenever they enter or exit the house. Any animal that can fit through it can open the basic dog flap.

Another type is the “key- operated” dog flaps. These “keys” can be sensors or magnets. These keys are attached to your dog’s collar. It gives signal to the door to open once the animal is near. After the animal passed through, it automatically closes.


Dogs are easily trained on dog flaps. Since these doors are a two-way system, your dog can be easily trained to get in and out of the door by just pushing it.

It provides access to your dog without your assistance. Your dog can have his freedom in entering and exiting his way without your assistance once he learns how to use it. You can continue whatever you’re doing without being a ‘doorman’ to your dog.

It provides security to your pets. Your dog flap is installed based from your dog size. If your dog is being bullied or chased by larger animals, he can right through it for his protection.

It secures your wall, door and furniture from damages and scratches. Your pet dog doesn’t need to scratch or jump to other opening in your house just to get out or in of the house. With dog flaps, your walls and furniture are safe.


1. It can give access to other animals and intruders. Other animals like raccoons, squirrels, the neighborhood’s pet, and even snakes can enter the conventional types of pet flaps.

Some intruders find their way inside the house with the use of dog flap. It’s one main reason why pet owners are hesitant to install pet doors in their house.

2. Manual dog flaps are not weatherproof. One problem for it is the access of harsh elements such as snow, rain and strong wind. It is advisable that you provide a lock to your manual dog flap if this type of flap is just the ‘swinging’ type.

However, different types of dog doors were made to address the disadvantages seen from the conventional types. Electronic and automatic dog flaps are specially made for your pets access only.

Also, dog door flaps have sturdy material that can resist rusting and have powerful locks that can control entry of weather elements and unnecessary entrance of other animals and intruders.

Animal Hospital Brooklyn: The Best Place For Your Petsi Healthcare And Rehabilitation

It will be more stimulating residing in a home if you have pets. You can live life with bliss and felicity if you have a pet of your own. They would be treated as family members for any person who owns them. So, you must never neglect their needs and give them enough attention. In terms of your petsi demands, it will be safe to say that theyire special. It even needs a professional to take on the task. Surely, you can have reassurance knowing that your tail-wagging friend is in the best and most capable hands. Taking your pet to animal hospital brooklyn is a sensible way to ensure that he or she is properly cared for.

Medical care nowadays is not just for human beings but also for the animals. The main concern of the Animal Hospital Brooklyn is to supply everything that your pet needs. Their goal is to offer optimum care to your beloved pets. And since a good veterinary hospital employs competitive professionals, you’ll never need to worry about the health of your pet. Peopleis pets are very much important to them and they care for them a lot, and every staff in the veterinary hospital knows it all. Therefore, you can be sure that your furry friends will receive the most professional care there is.

Over the past couple of years, modern veterinary medicine has made great inroads to address animal issues and illnesses. Opting to bring your cherished pet to a animal hospital brooklyn gives you the chance to have the medication for fleas and ticks, parasites, arthritis, heartworms, hip problems, and many other skin related issues. In addition, you can as well keep track of the wellness of your pet through bringing them to a hospital on a regular basis for clinical assessments and vaccination. Do not forget that, your pet can just be provided with great veterinary care when a certain vet medical center has the needed equipments to treat various illnesses. They likewise have the needed facilities that are needed for the diagnosis of many animal disorders.

Apart from giving veterinary care, an animal hospital is also effective at giving you advices about the animal or animal breed ideal for your personality and habits. Whatis more is that they could as well provide obedience training for your animal. And additionally, if they notice any acts of cruelty to any pets, they’d repot it immediately. They likewise promote awareness against animal mistreatment by conducting some activities.

You may coddle your furry or feathered friend without limit as a pet owner, just like Dr. Alexander Klein did. He belongs to a pet-loving family, which encouraged him to venture into veterinary medicine. He have experienced working in private practice, as well as shelter facilities for abandoned animals. And so he chose to make his very own soon-to-open Alison Animal Hospital in Brooklyn, New York because he really wants to bring out his profession and love for his loved ones and pets. You can check out the website, for more details regarding the hospital. AAH will take good care of your animals and you will absolutely be encouraged to bring them in.

It is very important to bring your pets into one of the very best veterinary hospitals. It is quite simple to find the best hospital in which you could take the pets. Trust your petis wellness in Animal Hospital Brooklyn. Everything will be easy for you and your pet under their care. Hence, if you are looking forward for quality healthcare services for your pet, consider their veterinary care and you will be pleased.

Loving our pets, as they love us

Sharing our lives, opening our hearts to pure unconditional love. They are the best friends that we can ever have. They won’t let us down, they are always happy to see us, they don’t judge us in any form, they don’t look at us with utter disdain if we put on weight. They trust us implicitly, with a wag of a tail or the twitch of a whisker telling us that they intuitively know how we feel. The look in their eyes says it all – I love you.

Our companion animals, our pets. We, as humans think that we have chosen our pets, in many situations it seems as if we have. However, many times on a higher level of awareness, they have chosen us. How many times do you see people that look like their dogs or is it that their dogs look like them! The feline fellowship and affinity that comes from the cats that slink into our lives helps us attune to life.

All animals, including farm animals are sentient beings, irrespective of the physical form. They have feelings, form family bonds, love unconditionally, feel happiness, feel and express pain and fear – all deserve our love and respect. We as humans sometimes think that we are somehow “higher up the ladder” than animals. Let’s not forget we are human animals too!

People sometimes say that animals don’t speak so how do we know that they have feelings? They speak via telepathic communication. This is something that we can all do with our companion animals. All you have to do is to be quiet long enough to listen. This is the work that I am guided to do as an Animal Communicator, and certified VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing practitioner, helping cement the bond between the companion animal and owner.

If a pet has been adopted from a rescue into a loving home sometimes there are issues that need to be addressed. Even though the pet can see and knows it is now in a loving environment, the prior trauma from being in an abusive situation involving neglect, physical or emotional abuse, often takes its toll and behavioral issues can arise from this root cause. Being in a shelter for an extended period of time can also be traumatic for sensitive animals. They are surrounded by all different types and sizes of animals who are equally in a stressed state. I often say to clients, “try to imagine how you would feel if you were in that situation.” Human beings also find that change can be stressful, that we all need time to acclimatize to new surroundings and situations – eg: death, divorce, loss of job, moving home, moving state and moving country.

I ascertain the situation to obtain clarity by talking to the client about the issues. I also energetically connect with the pet and the whole situation that has arisen.
I visit the home, or if it is out state, work through a photograph. I tell the client that when they open the door to me that I will crouch down and first of all connect with the pet. A dog will always be at the front door with it’s owner, cats have their own agenda and I wait for them to physically come to me when they feel ready and have connected to my energy. All animals are intuitive by nature. Seemingly humans seem to have lost their way in the intuitive department, it’s still there within us, it just lies dormant and needs awakening.

Animals are our Younger Brothers and Sisters; Wild Animals versus Pets

ust as there are humans that are more evolved than others, the same is true for the animal kingdom. Pets or domesticated animals are more evolved than wild animals.

Wild animals live out in wild nature. They have no contact or interaction with humans. They function primarily on instinct and develop through contact with other wild animals and the wild environment around them.

Pets on the other hand are more evolved because they interact with humans. This interaction stimulates mental capacity and engages the emotional body of the animal. As we give animals love we help them to develop feelings of love, and as we talk with our animals, our communicating with them stimulates their mental capacity which does exist to a very minimal degree. So animals don’t think as do humans because they don’t have a mind, however, animals have instinct which is a precursor for mental activity.

The Native Americans refer to the animals as their younger brothers and sisters which is the way how God would have us see it too.

The Integrated Ascended Master recognizes that it is man’s job to help evolve the animal kingdom because we, humanity, are their elder brothers and sisters. One way how we can accomplish our duty is by keeping pets and interacting with them, teaching them and guiding them.

How Do I Know My Pet Is A Familiar?

n my opinion most spiritually inclined people share a love of animals. Since we are looking at familiars I will discuss this Wiccan terms. Wiccans especially study the significance of animals that cross their paths everyday to ascertain what message or suggestion is being given. Wiccans honor all animals as Goddess’s creatures and respect them and their characteristics. Seen as harbingers of the Goddess, noting animals that appear is looked at as receiving guidance. I include these events within what I call “sign posts”. Like following a map that has a landmark to indicate if we are the right path, animal appearances in everyday life and during Dreamtime can help us discover if we are on a good path for us or not as well as help in decision making. Native American beliefs, practices and shamanism are the most identified with animal harbingers. Although I also practice this type of observance this is different than having a familiar. There is a difference between having a animal spirit guide and a familiar. An animal spirit guide works with us in Dreamtime, during meditation and help us learn about our place on our path and in live (The Good Red Road). A familiar is a flesh and blood, living, breathing animal endowed with mystical prowess and powers.

According to Webster’s dictionary among the definitions of “familiar” are the following:

“…one who is often seen and well known; especially : an intimate associate or companion.”
“A spirit often embodied in an animal and held to attend and serve or guard a person…” “To be acquainted with something…”

These attributes all describe an animal familiar.

A familiar can be any animal of any type. It can be a bird, a reptile, a dog, cat, horse and so on and so forth. These are powerfully advanced animal spirits that have opted to assist with magical workings of any kind, even with prayer.

They have reincarnated themselves many times and, devoted to Goddess, choose to serve her students and priestesses. Their powers assist in any number of ways. Sometimes they simply comfort when the owner is upset or sad, or amuse to elevate the owner’s spirits. But they often are VERY ACTIVE during magical ritual and practice.

I recently lost my familiar, Tyr! It has left an empty place in my heart but he was amazing! It did not matter if I was opening a book to pray to an archangel or merely lighting a devotional candle, he came running from wherever he was and jumped up on the table or where I was sitting. He often sat on my prayer books, my Grimoires and Books of Shadow! He was quite amazing. Often animals avoid flame. He would always walk around my lit candles and cauldron and around smoking incense. He always had to sample offerings to Goddess from honey to wine to baked cakes he simply had to give his approval each and every time. He always remained until my prayers or rituals were done and then he would just leave and go back to wherever he was before.

Other animals are conduits of communication. My daughter recently adopted a new dog. I knew right away this dog was a familiar and I told my daughter that she is a link between the “here” and “there” and to speak aloud when praying or working so that this dog can facilitate this communication and help send energy outward more efficiently.

On the other hand I had an uncle whose dog would, as the Spanish say “take on afflictions” my uncle was supposed to get as a result of powerful magic done against him until it passed. Then the dog would be fine.

There is so set way to determine whether or not your pet is a familiar but one good indicator is that very subtle but sure feeling that there is something especially unique about the animal. I have noticed that they all seem to be calm, seem dreamy eyed in some way but the best way to be sure is to simply include them in your work and prayers to find out.

Familiars are not exactly like other pets. They are with someone to help and do service with that person. To not use the familiar will frustrate the animal for they, like humans have elected to have a life purpose. It is a pet yet soul relationship that develops over time because each of you is here to do Goddess’s work in service.